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Welcome to Dr. Vora's Glorious Clinic. Weight loss, Fat Loss, Inch loss through Australian and American approach: lose 10-12 inch loss in one month naturally without Strict Dieting, without Machine, Without liposuction, without U-lipolysis, without bariatric surgery, with Natural, scientific, Holistic approach without side effects and no jump back of weight, no YO-YO Syndrome and can maintain life long.

The sole focus of our weight loss programs is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight and the improved quality of life that follows. Our team of health professionals will support you every step of the way.

Don’t let your weight or poor health define your life – we know that success can be achieved by devising a realistic plan and achieving it one week at a time.

Our promise is that you will only see properly qualified health professionals with a passion for helping you to achieve your healthy weight and unlock your potential that good health brings.

With homeopathic treatment through scientific approach you can control your obesity. Those who are not gaining weight we can help them to gain weight to have health life.

  • Now a day everyone is facing either weight gain or weight loss problem because of our life style, all we are suffering either from obesity or underweight.
  • Due to imbalance of our weight, it feel conscious about his/her image, don’t feel like to socialised in society, feel low & last went to depression.
  • On above that, obesity will cause so many health hazard like hypertension (b.p.) / diabetes/ cholesterol/ thyroid/ kidney – gall stone/ respiratory disease/ joint problems/ backache & lastly heart problem like blockage in the heart.
  • According to latest international survey, extreme of excessive weight gain can create cancer also. We in homoeopathy through scientific approach, patient can reduce or gain his/her weight in scientific – natural & rational way through homoeopathic medicines + scientific diet planning + scientific exercise + fat breaking therapies.
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