Hair is the important part of our body which will influence our look and beauty.

We treat Hair fall,Thining of Hair,Male pattern baldness, Female pattern Hair Loss,Alopecia Areata, Trichotillomania, premature greying of hair,Scalp psoriasis, Seborric dermatitis,Scalp fungal infection,Hair Transplant (Surgical n Non Surgical),Hair Volume enhancement treatment, Detox Hair treatment especially after chemical line of treatment,Hair keratin protein treatment,Medi Hair Spa.under one roof all kind of Hair n Scalp treatment.

With years of experience in successfully treating these and other hair and scalp problems, the Dr. Vora’s Glorious clinic of Trichology is the natural first choice for your treatment programme. Our highly qualified and experienced staffs have a reputation for excellence in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

So drop in to our clinic today, or give us a call.

  • Hair is the main important part of our body which will enhance our look & beauty irrespective to male/female. If you are losing your hair, your confidence level will go down, your self-esteem will go down, person feel low & don’t like to mix with the people in society and indirectly it affects to your health.
  • With the help of right homoeopathic medicines & external hair therapy, we can stop the hair fall – dandruff – alopecia - & increase the growth of hair, make rejuvenation & rehydrate & give nourishment to the hair, which will increase the confidence of a patient and feel them good mentally as well as physically.
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