Dr. Vora's Glorious clinic specialises in all aspects of Pain Management

The primary goal of the Dr. Vora's Glorious clinic is to provide humane care for those suffering from chronic and acute pain. The aim of the unit is to aid and support patients in the long-term management of their pain.

There are different types of pain, people are suffering like arthritic pain/ spondylitis pain/ back pain/ knee pain/ leg pain/ head ache/ migraine/ sinusitis pain etc.

When person is in pain, he feels uncomfortable – restless – mentally as well as physically. So, it affects patient’s life style & he/she become bed ridden.

We in homoeopathy give homoeopathy medicine to relief pain & give external homoeopathy medicated physiotherapy treatment so that it remove all stiffness, pain & swelling of the patient.

Once the patient gets rid of his pain, he will be more cheerful & enthusiastic in his life, which will increase his progress in life & for the higher purpose of his life. 

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