Homoeopathy is not slow but the treatment course depends upon how long the person is suffering from the diseases, how many allopathic medicines is taken to suppress the disease and what is the depth of disease whether Acute/ chronic.
A homoeopathic medicine doesn't contain any harmful elements. It is absolutely pure and natural form and it is 100% safe treatment. Homoeopathy is based on like cure like concept, means medicines given on the basis of symptoms similarity.
Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from so many natural sources E.g. All Plants, Vegetables, Fruits, All Metal e.g.: Silver, Gold, and Copper All Salts e.g. : Sodium, Potassium, Barium, Magnesium, etc. All acids e.g.: Sulphuric, Hydrochloric, Nitric acid, etc.
In Homoeopathy medicines are proved on healthy human beings i.e. called Drug proving. In this physical & mental symptoms are recorded scientifically & recorded symptoms are verified by giving medicines on the diseases persons & observe the scientific results.
Homoeopathic medicines are prepared by potentisation & trituration method, which gives the dynamic power in the medicines. Dynamic power means the medicines acts at the level of mind & body and makes person healthy & increases the immunity of the patient.
In each and every individual there is one vital force or vital energy or resistance power or immunity is there which makes the person healthy. But whenever this vital force will be disturbed by any other factors like bacteria, virus, climatic changes, change in food habits, tension, worries, mental stress, accident, injury etc., person gets sick or illness. Now, right Homoeopathic medicine will stimulate this disturbed vital force & makes the vital force again healthy & person gets the cure.

In Homoeopathy, medicine is selected on the basis of physical symptoms, mental symptoms, general symptoms & particular symptoms. After taking a detail history of the patient, we find out where the problem lies i.e. whether at physical level or at mental level or general & particular level. Then we give right medicines on that basis & patient gets cured.

In Homoeopathy, we believe in "individualisation", means every individual is different and no two persons are similar, so every individual requires a different medicine according to their nature, behaviour, liking, disliking etc. e.g. In twins brother sister, look wise they are similar but nature wise they are totally opposite or different in their liking, disliking, etc.

Basically Homoeopathic medicines has no side effect at all but if Homoeopathic medicines are taken in a wrong manner i.e. wrong medicines in a wrong power for a longer time and without consulting the proper qualified Homoeopathic Doctors, then and then only there is a chances of getting side effects otherwise not.
Homoeopathy cure the diseases from the root
Allopathy suppress the disease temporarily
Homoeopathy has similar action of medicine
Allopathy has opposite action of medicine
Homoeopathy has no side effects
Allopathy has lots of side effects
Homoeopathy treats the person as a whole and not only the parts
Allopathy treats only the parts or organs & not the individual as a whole
Homoeopathy is safe natural & harmless treatment
Allopathy is not that safe
Homoeopathic medicines prove on human beings
Allopathy medicines prove on animals
In Homoeopathy, only single medicine should be given at a time i.e. 'mono pharmacy'
In Allopathy, multiple medicines are given at a time i.e. "Poly Pharmacy"
Homoeopathy is fast but cure will depend upon the duration of disease.(i.e. since how long the patient is suffering from the disease.)
Allopathy is fast but it suppress disease for time being & once the action of medicine is over, the disease will come back with more intensity

Homoeopathy medicine will increase the resistance power of the patient, so that immunity of the patient will become more stronger.
After right Homoeopathic treatment -

  1. feel much better - physically as well as mentally they become more active fresh.
  2. Confidence concentration of patient will increase.
  3. They can take right decision in right time.
  4. Their creativity will increase.
  5. They can think much better way for their higher prospects in life
  6. They become more alert grasping power will increase.
  7. Their appetite increase, they get good motion, urine will become normal, their thirst will increase, they get good amount of sweating, get sound sleep no bad dreams.
  8. In female, their menstrual cycle gets regular gets normal flow.
  9. Facial expression becomes more cheerful looks fresher.
Definition of 'Health' is not only the disappearance of physical symptoms but 'Health' means Physical + Mental + Social + Sexual + Emotional + Intellectual well being of a person. This all together makes a perfect healthy individual.

  • So, in Homoeopathy, "We treat the person as a Whole Not only the part" means we treat the individual who got the disease and not only the disease.
  • Now at last but not least, to practice right Homoeopathy - is a art science but to cure the diseased person - is our satisfaction joy
Homoeopathic medicines can cure all acute as well as chronic diseases e.g. : following all diseases can be cure with homoeopathic treatment.
  • Obesity/Weight Gain/Increase Short Height : 100% Guarantee of: Permanent reduction, Gain in Weight
  • Endocrinal Problems : like Infertility, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Thyroid, Hormonal Problems, Slow Growth, for Increasing Height....etc
  • Psychiatric Diseases e.g. : Depression, Tension, Anxiety, Fear, Grief, Anger, Restlessness, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Hysteria, Obsession, Behavior disorder, Suicidal tendency, lack of confidence , memory weak, mania, insanity, etc.
  • Neurological Disorder : e.g. Parkinson, Alzheimer, Paralysis, Convulsion, Dementia, Infarct, Facial Palsy, Neuralgia (Pain), Stammering - difficulty in speaking.
  • Migraine, Vertigo, Giddiness etc
  • Hair Fall, Baldness, Premature greying of hair, Dandruff, Lice.
  • Eyes : Red eyes, conjunctivitis, styes, cataract, Glaucoma, Hemorrhage, Dryness of eyes, Dropping of eye lids, optic nerve - pathology, Eye watering, Vision problem.
  • Ears : Abscess (Pus), Earache, Tinnitus(Noise in ears), Ear Wax, Bleeding from ears, Perforation of ear drum, Itching, Loss or impaired hearing.
  • Respiratory System : Chronic cold-cough, Asthma, Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Adenoids, Tonsilitis, DNS (Deviated Nasal Septum), Nasal Polyp, Hoarseness or loss of voice, Laryngitis, Epistaxsis (bleeding nose), Tuberculosis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Bronchiectesis, Emphysema, Pleural effusion, Pulmonary edema.
  • Skin Diseases : Psoriasis, Eczema, Leucoderma (Vitiligo), Lichenplanus, Urticaria, Allergic contact dermatitis, Herpeszoaster & simplex, Pempigus Vulgaris, Acne (Pimples), Boil, Abscess, Hirsutism, Corns, Callosity, Impetigo, Pitriasis alba & versicolor, keloid, warts, leprosy, fungal infection, scabies, measles, Chicken pox, Gangrene, Mumps, Blackheads, Dark Circles, Hyper pigmentation(Melasma) etc.
  • Mouth-Teeth-Gums : Apthae ulcer, Gum Abscess, Scurvy (swelling of gums), Bleeding gums & teeth, Toothache, Wisdom Teeth, Cancer of Tongue, Difficult & delayed dentition.
  • G.I.T.(Gastro Intestinal Tract) Disorder : Chronic constipation, Diarrhoea, Amoebiasis, Gas, Acidity, Peptic ulcer(Gastric-Duodenal), Vomiting, Gastroenteritis, Hiccough, Dysentery, Ulcerative colitis, Worms, pain abdomen, Cholera.
  • Liver & Gall Bladder : Jaundice, Gall Stone, Liver abscess, Cirrhosis, Hepititis -B, Atrophy of Liver, Fatty degeneration of Liver, Liver Cancer.
  • Pancrease : Acute & Chronic pancreatitis.
  • Without operation : Appendicitis, Hernia, Hydrocele, Varicocele, Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Perianal abscess, Benign enlargement of prostate.
  • Kidney-Ureter-Bladder-Urethra & Prostate:
    Kidney stone, Renal colic, Urinary tract infection, Haematuria (blood in urine). Glomerulonephritis, Nephrotic syndrome, Renal failure, Retention - Frequency-Incontinence-Painful-Burning-Involuntary-Suppression of urination, Bed wetting, Benign enlargement of prostate gland(BEP), Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Urethral stricture.
  • Male Sexual Problem : Impotency, Infertility, Oligospermia, Azoospermia, Balanitis, Premature ejaculation, Lack of erection, excessive masturbation, nightfall, phimosis, paraphimosis, hairfall from genitals, Ectopic Testis.
  • Female (Gynaecological ) Problem : Infertility, Fibroid, Leucorrhoea(White discharge), Menstrual problems like profuse-irregular-intermittent-scanty-absence of mensus, delayed menarche, menopausal problem, problems during pregnancy, For normal delivery, Vaginusmus (painful intercourse) Dysmenorrhoea (painful mensus), polycystic ovarian disease, dryness of vagina, cancer of uterus, Ovary problem, Lactation problem, mastitis (Breast pain), Lump or cyst in breast, under or over develop breast, Fibroadenosis, Cancer of breast, bleeding from nipples, cracks or retraction of nipples, abscess in breast, heavy breast, lochia(discharge after delivery), Excessive masturbation, Nymphomania(excessive sexual desire), loss of sexual desire, post delivery problems.
  • Paediatric Problems (Children problems)
  • Heart Problem : Ischemic Heart diseases, High cholesterol, Angina Pectoris, Palpitation, Enlargement of heart, Sinus tachycardia & breadycardia, Fatty degeneration of heart, weakness of heart, before & after bypass surgery.
  • Back-bone-joint-muscle : Backache, Spondylosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Rheumatic fever, osteo arthritis, gout, calcaneal spur, prolapse intervertebral disc(PID), Ankylosing Spondylitis, Muscular-Joints_Boney pain, Ataxia(Gait inco-ordination), chorea(jerky movements), cramps, dropping of wrist, ganglion, fracture.
  • Sleep & Dreams : Insomnia (Loss of sleep), excessive sleep, bad dreams, walking-talking-screaming-rolling-snoring-startle-frightened-salivation-keep eyes & mouth open during sleep.
  • Diabetes, Blood Pressure(high & low), thyroid, cancer, AIDS, hepatitis - B, wt. gain, wt. Loss, Short Height, Slow Development, Injury, Burns, Dropsy, Filariasis, Elephantiasis, BLOOD DISORDER like - Hemophilia, Thalassemia, Sickle cell anaemia & Leukemia.
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