• Skin is a largest organ of our Body.
  • Skin is a most superficial layer of our Body.
  • Skin of our face / neck / arms / legs are the outermost part of our body, which anybody can see and comment on our skin problems.

So, we treat all kind of skin – cosmetology problem like skin glow / anti-aging and so on as per the brochure.

Skin has 3 layers – Epidermis / Dermis and Endodermis.

Endodermis  i.e. Subcutaneous fat, which is the 3rd  layer of skin which store extra fat. Skin and hair get Nourishment through  the blood supply and nerve supply. We, through our Homeopathic treatment, give nourishment to the skin and hair through internal Homeopathic Medicines and externally through  the skin and hair Treatment.

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