Dr. Mitesh Vora is an eminent renowned world famous Homoeopath, who is practising since 1995 (24Years) as a consulting Homoeopath in Cosmetology (skin), Trichology (Hair & Scalp), Obesity (Weight management), Pain management  & Scientific medical treatment (SPA) for full body/skin/hair and for all acute as well as chronic diseases.

He has passed D.H.M.S from Mumbai, Maharashtra India in 1994. He has done his Cosmetology - Trichology - Obesity - Laser - Diet & Nutrition course from Australian university & developed a unique world class level of treatment through Australian & American concepts & combined his knowledge of Homoeopathy & modern technology for advanced skin - Hair - Wt. management - Pain management treatment through Natural - Scientific - Research based German Homoeopathic medicine & achieved an excellency in curing most advanced difficult diseases like Cancer, Paralysis, HIV, Hepatitis-B/C, Parkinson, Alzheimer, Diabetes, B.P, Thyroid, Asthma, Arthritis, Migrain, Sinusitis, Allergic diseases, Obesity, Skin & Hair problems, Pain management for Spondylosis, backache etc.

He has not only cure chronic diseases but also treated so many beauty related wellness part of problem like Skin pigmentation, Acne, Dark circles, Anti wrinkle, Anti Ageing, Skin rejuvenation, Laser Hair removal & Hairfall - Baldness, Dandruff, Non surgical hair transplant (Camoflage Technique) & do obesity treatment even in old patient, post pregnant woman, young male, female & obesity with Pcod, Thyroid, Diabetes etc.

In pain management , we treat Cervical, Lumbar spondylosis, Backache, Arthritic pain, Disc protrution which compressed the nerve roots with vertigo - imbalance problem.

In today's fast life nowadays people are having lot of mental stress, fatigue, exhausted feeling. For that we offer purely Homoeopthic medicated fat breaking therapies (tucks) on Abdomen, waist, hip, thigh, upper arm, chest etc. which will break your stubborn fat.

We have a panel of Doctors which include plastic surgeon / physiotherapist / dietician / yoga therapist / physical instructor. We also have facility for all kind of cosmetic surgeries including hair transplant. 

We have treated more than 1 lac patients successfully all over India & abroad (overseas) like U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Europe, South East Africa, Far East, Dubai-Muscat, Germany and Philippines- Manila etc.

Our main motto is to treat the human being in more Scientific  - Rational - Natural way so that we can convert the patient from SICKNESS TO WELLNESS & WELLNESS TO FITNESS.

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